I just received a Master Card and a Sears store card I didn’t apply for


$9000 in credit was approved. Yup. Fraud. They had a great time at Dillard’s. Thankfully Office Depot denied them.
I’m lucky that Sears sent the cards to my current address. The crook used my previous address and my maiden name.
I think they got that information from the VA hack last year.
I called Wells Fargo to cancel the Dillard’s account. They asked if I knew Victoria. No…. And did you know they maxed out the store card. No… It’s fraud you idiot. And once again are you sure you don’t know a Victoria? Yup. I don’t know anyone by the name of Victoria. You guys are stuck with the $1500 bill. I’m not paying it. Sheesh. It’s your problem you didn’t verify the information since obviously my name isn’t Victoria.
I’m getting my police report finalized and my credit is frozen. I’m glad I found out about it within a week of it starting. I nipped this in the bud quick.