I would start by looking for a new job that pays better


it sounds like you are making minimum wage or close to it….in my area even fast food places are paying $8-$12…i know you don’t want to do it but $8 an hour would be a $6000 a year raise…your half way there.next thing…does your wife work?if you and her both make $8 an hour that is $33000…you could wipe out that 10K in a hurry.but the first step is to get your bills caught up.Call the bill collector…ask for a manager…explain that $100 a month is too much until you get out of school,but don’t offer him a dollar a month…see if he will do $25 or $50…sometimes your pride won’t let you wear a paper hat or be a janitor or a garbageman but what do you want to do? 10K is not that much debt…you’ve got a jump on the rest of us.If you get gazelle intense you can wipe it out this year and start saving for a home and working on a retirement plan.